About the Male Baker



My name is Dave and I am The Male Baker. Come along for the ride to enjoy some amazing tips and recipes that will change your baking experience forever! My baking journey began over ten years ago and now it is by far my favorite hobby. Most people cannot believe that I, a hockey loving, soccer playing, male university graduate in business, would ever find enjoyment while conjuring up

the best baking recipes! But I say to them, ”I have to satisfy my insanely large sweet tooth somehow!” From barely seeing over the counter tops to see what my mother was mixing up, to now finding myself struggling because every counter is too short, I have a learned a thing or two about creating baked masterpieces. For one thing, there is nothing like making the house smell like a fresh batch of oatmeal chocolate chip pecan cookies or filling the house with an aroma of cranberry coconut crumble that no one can resist! So please join me in this new experiment and I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do. So if you could all raise your spatulas with me for the rise of The Male Baker!

Yours truly,






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