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Three Berry Pie

After many years of thinking about baking a three berry pie with a lattice pie top, I finally did it! The occasion: my wife’s birthday. The reason: happiness in the household for another year! The three berry pie turned out great and so did the lattice top (also a first for The Male Baker).

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White Chocolate Cranberry Scones

Have you ever baked white chocolate cranberry scones before? Or any scones for that matter? If you are at all like me, you have put off baking scones for years because they seemed way too intimidating. Mixing dough to the perfect consistency then trying to bake them for the right amount of time, careful not to make them dry, all seemed a bit daunting. But I have conquered that fear! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that scones are not hard to make, especially white chocolate cranberry scones! I have now baked scones many times and besides a few silly kitchen mistakes, they have all turned out pretty well. The biggest trick with scones is to not over mix them. Once you add the cream to the mix, mold the dough with your hands until the dry ingredients and wet ingredients are combined. If you mix too long, your scones will be hard and not as good. Remember, even if scones intimidate you, just give it a shot and you may surprise yourself! More Tips below…

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Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake

After a long hiatus, full of vacationing in California and running a painting company with my older brother, I have found some time to get back to baking. During my time in California, I got the third

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