Molasses cake 2

I love spicing up my life. Whether I am baking a new recipe like this all spice molasses cake with cream cheese frosting or pursuing interests that are beyond my comfort zone, life is much more interesting with more spice in it. Five weeks ago my wife and I, along with some new friends, entered a restaurant called Bubblemania without knowing much about it besides that they serve bubble tea. This place has been on my radar for years since I drive by it almost daily on my work commute. It always has a packed parking lot, but I never ventured out of my comfort zone to see what it was all about until recently. When we finally did step into Bubblemania for the first time, we were instantly changed and definitely out of our comfort zone! We were some of the only Caucasians in the whole place amongst Asians from many different nations. It was a culture shock in our backyard and we loved every second of it! We have been back a handful of times and can confidently say they serve the best bubble tea in all of Calgary, possibly in all of Canada.

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Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Squares

Do you have any leftover chocolate Easter eggs lying around your house?  You probably don’t, but I did, so I decided to get down to business. Even if you don’t have any chocolate eggs, don’t let this stray you away from making some peanut butter Rice Krispie squares today! Simply  substitute the eggs for some chopped milk chocolate or even melted chocolate drizzled over top. These bars are simple, easy, fast, and very delicious. Just picture yourself on the front porch, Tilley hat on, house coat hugging you from every side, steaming cup of Brazilian coffee in front of you, and the sound of a peanut butter Rice Krispie square crunching in your mouth. Sound good to you? Then get off your butt and mix em’ up!

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Lemon Scones with Strawberry Cream Filling

This Mother’s Day, I have something special in store for all of you. Not only do I have Mother’s Day Lemon Scones that are perfect for you to bake your mom, I have a friend that is selling beautiful blankets, jewellery, and household items from around the world that would make a perfect gift! GO NOW to her blog for the recipe, more delicious pictures, and to explore!

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