Today my sweet tooth was bigger than ever, if you can believe that! So take a good look at this picture and just imagine what you could taste in under an hour. Brownies are one of my favorite desserts to make because of how scrumptious they are and how creative you can be with them. Whether it is the chocolate, the nuts, or the caramel you can just change up every recipe so it is so unique. This one is inspired by the Canadian Living cookbook and I have added a few of my own tasty surprises. Now it is time to follow me through this step by step process so you can have some of your own brownies!

Makes 16 medium sized pieces or 9 large

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This afternoon I got my first baking job as The Male Baker! A group of girls were having a breakfast party before they went skiing for the day and they wanted to fill their stomachs with some of my baked goods.

So I set off to find the best banana muffin recipe that I could find from a whole array of sources; friends, friends of friends, neighbours, baking books and of course the internet. I searched and searched but nothing was coming up. I was getting pretty discouraged and I even thought that I was going to have to cancel the breakfast party and my first baking gig would be gone forever. Luckily, not too long after I gave up, my friend Amy offered me her favorite banana muffin recipe in exchange for half a dozen muffins! I took the offer and went to the kitchen like a mad man because time was running out! So come follow me on my journey through the creation of these wonderful muffins and you will find out that it is definitely worth your time!

Makes 16 cupcakes

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I know what your thinking right now and its not true! Pumpkin muffins and baked goods do not just have to be enjoyed during the fall season, they can be enjoyed year round and I am here to prove it! Once you take a bite out of one of these warm pumpkin muffins you will be screaming for more. So follow along this simple recipe with me so you can impress your friends and family at the next big gathering!

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