Has your computer or website ever been hacked? Unfortunately, this happened to me yesterday on The Male I was thinking of blogging some delicious coconut pecan double chocolate chip cookies but as soon as I got on the site I realized something was terribly wrong! Right across the top of the site it read, “Warning, warning…you have been hacked!” All I could see were warning signs all over the site and I worried that I had lost everything. Luckily I have an amazing web developer who took care of the problem straight away. Thanks Bryce, you ROCK! Now all of you can enjoy some chocolaty coconut pecan double chocolate chip cookies and a revitalized website to along with it!

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IMG_1066If you had to come up with two reasons you are thankful for your freedom, what would they be?? I pondered this question while baking up some dark chocolate coconut scones,  and two things popped in my mind. The first thing, is that I am free to be as creative as I want in the kitchen. I don’t have to be put in a box and told exactly what to do from a recipe book or a website. I can create freely with my own ideas and mix something up that fits my mood. The second thing I am thankful for, is the  freedom I have to write a blog and have all my friends test out some amazing recipes. So go ahead, take a moment to be thankful for you freedom,  and search whatever you would like from my site and bake away! I suggest you start with these scones, they will not disappoint! Read more

IMG_2367This week’s recipe is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Why is that, Mr. Male Baker, you might ask? Well, let me tell you. When I took my first bite of a pumpkin chocolate brownie right out of the oven, I was in love with the combination of tastes. Not only did these brownies take my taste buds for a ride, but they made my kitchen smell like pumpkin pie. They are a little on the cake-ier side of the spectrum of brownies, but they still taste superb. So go ahead and try these out the next time you have some guests over for a party. Read more

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