Want to know something about traveling around Thailand? There are no ovens to bake with!

Well let’s just say that I didn’t expect ovens to be as popular as say, street food stands, gorgeous beaches, or cheap massages but maybe, just maybe, there would be a baking cafe for me to hone my skills in for a few hours.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the news, I have been traveling around Thailand for the past two months with my wife, Hannah, and we plan to travel for at least four more months. Back in December, we bought a one-way ticket to Thailand with the hopes to volunteer at some organizations, try new foods, and travel around South-East Asia. Now we are nearing the two month mark and we can say with confidence that we will not be coming home too soon! This has its down sides of course. Baking will have to wait until:

a) I find an oven to bake with or…

b) I get back home.

Since A or B are not applicable on the busy streets of Bangkok, I had to come up with my own option C to fulfill my sweet tooth needs. Yes, I must admit, I have stooped as low as seeking out a processed, artificial, not even close to Male Baker quality cookie…The Oreo. But of course I had to add my own creative flare to insure that the cookie was top notch. Follow along to discover this processed goodness!


At least 1, but you’ll probably eat the whole package        Oreo’s

(I used Double-Stuffed for added effect!)

1 jar                                                                                                         Peanut butter

(I used extra chunky Skippy because it is just soo good)


  • Open up the Oreo so that one side is fully iced and the other is straight up cookie.

  • Open your peanut butter jar and slab on as much peanut butter as your heart desires onto the cookie side with no icing.

  • Put the two cookie sides together and prepare yourself for an unbelievable experience!

  • Instant gratification!!!